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Stamping simulation for MAZ

Several years ago, reducing defects in the production of key automotive components – spar, sidewall, junction pipe, etc., was reviewed at MAZ JSC. Leading companies in the industry (for example, KAMAZ, Avtovaz, GAZ Group) have long used these solutions at the stage of developing die tooling and introduced, as a rule, proven technologies into production. There were still problems with springs at the MAZ plant, warping, corrugations, breaks, and other defects.

At the stage of considering the issue of software implementation and system selection, we were assigned the task of calculating several products and optimizing them to assess the cost-effectiveness of software implementation.

With the help of modeling in the Pam Stamp software, it was necessary to solve the following tasks:

  • Spring compensation during bending.
  • Checking the possibility of forming parts of a spatial shape.
  • Design of the tool working surface for forming car trim parts.

After completing the calculations and optimizing the two key parts, the plant reported on the following economic indicators achieved during the project implementation:

Spar – the use of PAM-STAMP allowed abandoning the random adjustment of the stamp. All experiments are virtual. The result is a reduction in the cost of manufacturing and adjusting the stamp. The annual savings amounted to $355,000.

Junction pipe, pipe, and bumper – the use of PAM-STAMP increased the development time by 1 month but reduced the time for the introduction of tooling into production by about 3 months

The cost of purchasing the PAM-STAMP license was $229,300.

Project image