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One of our company's main activities is the supply of high-tech software from the world's leading vendors.

ESI Group official representative Nova-Engineering LLC


ESI Group official representative Nova-Engineering LLC has official accreditation to supply software from ESI Group, widely known as a developer of software systems ProCast, Pam-Stamp, Sysweld, VPS, VA One, and many others. In the Russian market, ESI software products are becoming more widespread due to their unique functionality and end-to-end integration of all modules in a single environment enabling virtual production, assembly, testing, repair of the product, predict its life cycle.


We are also actively developing Russian software, including our development. Below is a description of the most popular software that our company supplies and supports.


The IOSO program is a universal optimizer that is advisable to use at the stage of design, fine-tuning, and modernization of technically complex systems, which allows to:

  • significantly reduce costs and time for solving technically complex practical problems;
  • solve single-criteria nonlinear optimization problems (more than 200 variable parameters);
  • solve multi-criteria nonlinear optimization problems (10 or more criteria);
  • determine the most effective solutions based on a set of different criteria, including optimal multi-purpose management;
  • solve problems of multidisciplinary optimization by integrating various calculation modules in one project;
  • minimize the required number of definitions of the target function (the number of calculations based on a mathematical model or conducting experiments) when searching for the optimal technical solution for real objects and systems;
  • define the Pareto set directly for complex topologies of target functions (including nonconvex multiextremal ones) without using convolutional criteria;
  • create multifunctional decision support systems;
  • reduce the time required to solve the optimization problem by two orders compared to traditional methods, which allows solving multidimensional optimization problems using 3D models at an acceptable time cost;
  • simple integration of various engineering CAD/CAE software (ANSYS, Star-CD, NASTRAN, FineDesign, LSDYNA), including solving multidisciplinary optimization problems.

Possible IOSO NM users can be all high-tech enterprises that are serious about creating complex, competitive projects and systems.

The IOSO NM software package runs on a PC with Windows NT/2000/XP and allows integration in computer networks with calculation modules running under Windows OS or the UNIX family (using the TCP/IP data transfer protocol).


QuantorForm Qform

QForm (developed by QuantorForm LLC, Moscow) is a Russian program for calculating large plastic strains widely used at domestic and foreign procurement and metallurgical production enterprises. It specializes in debugging and technological processes of metal forming, stamping, forging, ring rolling, rolling, and pressing of aluminum profiles.