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Digital twin of the conveyor – reducing belt wear

A small but significant project to create a first-level digital twin for the belt conveyor of one of the mining industry leaders in Kazakhstan.

In the enterprise (and in the industry as a whole), a common problem is increased wear of the belt on the belt conveyors.

In our project, the durability of the belt at the Customer was only 8 months, instead of the 12 months declared by the manufacturer.

After a short meeting, it was decided to build a system model of the pipeline in the ESI SimulationX software and supplement it with statistical data from production. Big data can be linked and analyzed in the predictive analytics module (based on MineSet).

The model allowed a complete picture of the possible sources of the wear problem and almost immediately establish that the wear occurs from vibrations and runouts associated with the system's improper operation and configuration.

Within a week, the Customer was given recommendations. The project was defended online, which did not prevent the effectiveness of the implementation.

Project image