We do calculations and optimization of casting, metal forming, welding technologies with the use of advanced CAE-systems. We forecast all kinds of defects like: folds, buckles, breaks, underfilling, porosity, distortion, residual stresses etc. Plus optimize the processes until reaching the proper quality.

Below is a list of simulation we can perform:

1) Thermal/Solidification Analysis

  • Temperature plots of casting/mold
  • Solidification animation (AVI/GIF)
  • Solidification time variation
  • Shrinkage (hot spots)
  • Recommendations on gating/ riser/ chills/ cooling

2) Flow Analysis

  • Filling pattern animations (AVI/GIF)
  • Fluid front
  • Velocities
  • Temperature (coupled with thermal analysis
  • Trapped gas/ oxide defects
  • Particle tracking
  • Air/ back pressure
  • Filling rate/ time variation
  • Predict cold shuts/ misruns
  • Recommendations on fill pressure/ fill rate/ overflows/ venting/ temperature

3) Porosity Prediction Analysis

  • Micro-structure
  • Mechanical properties of the casting for reference

4) Stress / Distortion Analysis

  • Deflection/ distortion of the casting after ejection/ removal of mold
  • Identify interference/ gap problems on molds
  • Analyze thermal fatigue of molds
  • Wrinkels and deformation during stamping
  • Tool lifetime forecast

Video and images