LLC “Nova-Engineering” offers support of designing and production:

  • CAE, designing : Strength, CFD, E-Mag calculations 
  • CAE, technology simulation: casting, stamping, welding, heat treatment, composite production 
  • CAD/CAE trainings 
  • Supply of software and hardware

We develop methods for the introduction of modern engineering solutions for the needs of major power plants. We render assistance in reducing the number of real prototypes and experiments, streamlining the technological process, manufacturing tooling and castings.

Main areas of engineering work:

  • Strength, Fluid/gas flow, Electromagnetic fields, HF.
  • Numerical simulation of casting technologies, forecasting shrinkage defects, cracks, porosity, optimization of gating systems, development of technological processes and their introduction at an enterprise.
  • Calculation and optimization of metal forming technologies with the use of advanced CAE-systems. Forecasting folds, buckles, breaks, underfilling, optimization of the technological process.
  • Calculations in the field of mechanics of deformable solids, dynamics and durability.
  • Major R&D services in field of CAE.

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